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Saint Patrick’s Day

Last week, on Friday the 15th of March, we went to Mass and sang since my school is religious and it’s about the saint of my school, Saint Patrick. When we finished Mass, we walked back and got our chromebooks. After we got our chromebooks, we went into a doc that Mr Bell shared with us in GMail. The things inside of the doc are the links that we could play around with.


Fun Fact! The feast day of Saint Patrick is actually on March the 17th, on Sunday, but we celebrate on March the 15th because we have mass on Friday. I first started on the top left link. The activity I did was to listen to the life and facts about Saint Patrick. In times where you are listening, it will ask you questions, for example, what did the pirates that kidnapped Patrick believed in? They actually believed in paganism.


I listened more and answered, getting them right. After finishing the video, it showed me the score I got, which is a score of 100 percent, which made me surprised because  in the classroom, it was really loud, from talking and playing the video loud, After closing the tab, I went back to the doc and chose the link for coding, and one of the things I’d like to learn, is coding! So I pressed the link and I first played a game where you have to go through a short and reach the picture of Saint Patrick and his Shamrock.

Pretty easy if you ask me. When I reached there, I thought that there was a surprise waiting for me, so I did it again until there were actually no surprises. So I watched the tutorial on how to code, then I went to where you can code, and started playing with codes. My idea is to make a game where you have to bounce the ball onto a small platform, then you have to glide into the air until you see a platform. Sounds easy, right? Well no it’s not easy. The first problem is, how do you make the ball jump? Sure, there is a command for the ball when it’s near the edge of the platform. This is where the second problem begins.


How do I make a platform and how do you use it? After I tried figuring the problems out, the bell rang and I was really excited, until Mr Bell said that there were no activities and it would be postponed to the 18th of March because of how wet and rainy it is.


               MONDAY    18/3/24    8:45


This Monday, it’s finally the time to do the activities for Saint Patrick’s day! So my classmates and I went back to class and waited for Mr Bell to mark us in the roll. The time Mr Bell finished marking us in the roll, we lined up, single filed, ready to walk out of the class. So we walked out of class and sat down in 1 row, in front of room 8. Then, room 6, the class that started assembly, said a bunch of greetings then started the sign of the cross, after that, they said 2 prayers about the event and another one about Jesus.


Then, they prayed the 5 prayers of the faithful. After that, Mrs Agnew did a shoutout to me because I was the one who mostly prepared the prayer table. It made me feel stage fright because I thought that everyone looked at me. Meanwhile I was thinking, Mrs Agnew called the people that got certificates, but sadly, I didn’t get one. After the people got their certificates, we walked back to class and continued with the doc Mr Bell shared us with. The doc is actually called the Saint Patrick’s Taskboard.


When the bell rang, I filled my bottle, got food, and changed into my P.E clothes. Then, we played with a football or tennis ball until the bell rang. Then, we sat, single filed, in class groups. After that, Mrs Bullot split us into 10 groups. There are so many things I did this Monday, I did 4 activities with the teachers, Ms Kyle, Mr Bell, Mrs Agnew and Mr Carol. I reached 3rd place and ate ice blocks. I would write more but it would be too long!

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