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My Small Bookmarks

Yesterday I did a cybersmart challenge  about bookmarks where you  could change your bookmarks to be smaller. This is what it looks like before:

Sorry if it is blurry because of  how long it is. You might think that its pretty useless, but it is pretty useful compared to how you need to scroll for a long time.

This is what it looks like now:

Sorry also if it says ‘Bob’, I just did it for fun but you can name it ‘other learning’ according to the video tutorial.



Learning The Difference If Media Is True Or False

Today we were learning to be observant when we see different media. We also had to think about these things: who made this message, is it true or false and how do people observe it differently? We also went on a site where we would test our levels of observation.

The photo above tricked me because it looked like it was together but the main  areas you should look at are the legs. You should press this link to test your observation and put your answers in the comments and remember to say why you said your answer.

How To Make A Good Email

Today we were learning to make a good quality email. The thing to make a good quality blog is to make a specific subject, use a greeting, keep to the subject, be positive and helpful and you have to proofread your typing and sign off. I have learned that if you want to tell something sensitive or personal to someone I have to tell it to someone trusting and I have to tell them in person.




What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today we were learning how  to make an informed guess by reading what others share publicly online. People can see this information so we must remember to make this information with integrity.

To share information with integrity, we have to be kind, positive and helpful.

Share the content that will make you and your whanau and friends proud.

Make sure to remember to share with Tika, Pono and Aroha.