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About Hauraki Gulf Marine Reserve

On Monday, room 7 and I were learning about the Hauraki Gulf Marine Reserve. Here are the facts about the Hauraki Gulf Marine Reserve:

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Reserve is 60 metres deep and it is 1.2 million hectares long, and if you convert that to acres, it is 2965264.578 acres, and if you convert that to square metres, is is 12000000001.595 square metres or 12 billion square metres.

It is also one of the biggest marine parks in the world and it is very different compared to other marine parks. Over 25 percent of the southern hemisphere’s marine mammals have been seen in the Hauraki Gulf Park.

It is also visited by more than 20 percent of the world’s seabirds. Hauraki Gulf  is known for being the largest marine reserve in New Zealand. In Hauraki Gulf, there are 6 marine reserves. There are more than 50 islands in the Hauraki Gulf Park.

The most well known islands are Rangitoto, Motutapu, Waiheki, Aotea / Great Barrier Island, Tiritirimātangi and Goat island.

Press this link to hear and see the facts in a slideshow!






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