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What I know about Euphrasie Barbier – Mission Charism

This week, Room 7 and I were learning about Euphrasie Barbier, what is Mission Charism and why  is Euphrasie Barbier important to Saint Patrick’s School. Here are the things I already know about Euphrasie Barbier and Mission Charism;

Euphrasie Barbier was born and died in Caen, France, on the 4th of January,  1829, and in Westbere, United Kingdom, 18th of January, 1893. She has also founded the RNDM sisters.

The reason why Euphrasie Barbier is important to Saint Patrick’s School is because she founded the Mission Sisters, and in return, they went to run  Saint Patrick’s School and gave us our Mission Charism, which is our Prayer, Community and Service.

Here are 4 important facts about Euphrasie Barbier; Euphrasie Barbier has four sisters and 1 brother. Euphrasie Barbier was stubborn and strong willed which she never thinks about obstacles.

Euphrasie Barbier’s Mother and Father is Jeanne Adèle Le Cler and Louis Désiré Barbier.Euphrasie Barbier made trips to France, England, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Asia.