How To Make A Good Email

Today we were learning to make a good quality email. The thing to make a good quality blog is to make a specific subject, use a greeting, keep to the subject, be positive and helpful and you have to proofread your typing and sign off. I have learned that if you want to tell something sensitive or personal to someone I have to tell it to someone trusting and I have to tell them in person.




Characterisation of Storm Boy

I am a juvenile person who has finished one hundred books even though I’ve never been to school. I have learned most of my knowledge from an elderly man who is a friend of mine and my father’s, Hideaway Tom. This elderly man is Fingerbone Bill. I love nature, I do everything in a carefree way.The world is my bedroom.

What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today we were learning how  to make an informed guess by reading what others share publicly online. People can see this information so we must remember to make this information with integrity.

To share information with integrity, we have to be kind, positive and helpful.

Share the content that will make you and your whanau and friends proud.

Make sure to remember to share with Tika, Pono and Aroha.

Our Ki O Rahi Tournament

Yesterday we were having a Ki o rahi tournament. It was happening after morning tea and I was so pumped up! When I looked on the list,

we were in teams of our houses, Rimu, Rata, Totara and Kauri. I was playing for Rimu. When  we were watching the house teams play, it was Kauri versing Totara. There are two teams in Ki o rahi, Kioma and Taniwha. The Kioma team has to run and touch a Pou or two and try and score a try. It was also our first time to do a Kio rahi tournament. For the Taniwha team, you have to chase and rip the two tags of a Kioma person. The only way to score a point is to throw the ball / ki at the Tupu / rock.

It also counts when the Kioma guardians touch the tupu. The referee was coach Trey, I was benched for the first round watching. I was thinking which team would win and  which team I would cheer for. When it was the first round, Kauri won, now it was time for me to play. I used all of the tips and tricks I know to play the 1st  game. When it started, I was on the Taniwha team. The other team was on Kioma so they started first. There were 2 room 8’s in the enemy team and in my team there was 1 year 8 person so it was clearly rigged and a little unfair. One of the things that I notice is that my sister was not there.

The  strategy I saw the enemy team use was that the person kicks the ball to the guardian. Then the guardian passes it to the person who kicks the ball or if they are blocked they pass it to another person. This strategy is really good because sometimes you can’t predict what’s going to happen. When I tried to block, I did not know who the guardian was going to pass to. This made the game really easy because their team is stacked with good people and ours was only a little.

Later at the end of my match, we lost but we tried our best. The following score they got was 17 points and I got 15 points. After all of those matches it was lunchtime now. I was crying after my 1st match because the game was too unfair and I didn’t want anyone to notice me crying so I went to the toilet and washed my face, trying to make myself calm down. I was really lucky because I had self control and I felt so much rage that I almost made myself think that I will punch them for revenge.

Meanwhile at lunchtime I had calmed down and ate my lunch. After I ate my lunch I practiced to block the key from hitting the tupu and hitting the key at the tupu. I also practised how to step or dodge people from ripping my tags. I also had a 2nd match which made me happy. After lunchtime I was talking to my friends and watching the matches, (my match was the last match.) When it was my last match, one of the teachers, told me to put my tags on the hips, that way when I spin no one can rip my tags off.

I was Taniwha again, this time I knew what strategy Totara was doing. I went and blocked off the room 8s in their team. They went and touched 1 – 2 pous, we tried to rip their tags off but they touched the ground. It didn’t matter until my team and I got the ki. We tried hitting the tupu but they blocked it. When I got the ball I threw it under and for some reason it hit and I got a lucky shot. When it was my team and it turned out to be Kioma, we got so many points, I was also playing for Kauri. After that match  we won and I finally got revenge. When it was the points for the house teams, Rimu and Rata were 3rd which made me feel useless.

When  Totara was 2nd I was so happy because I wished for them to not be 1st, and the 1st one was Kauri. I was so happy because I was happy for them. I was thinking, maybe it was luck I gave them because I gave luck to my friend in Kauri. It was the end of the day and I needed to chill out there but there were too many problems we had to do in class. But I hope you liked this long story!










Tasting Anzac Biscuits


On Thursday afternoon, Mrs Agnew bought us ANZAC biscuits. She gave us all one anzac biscuit each. I was filled with joy, taking the anzac biscuit with my hand. It felt like looking into the past of where a lot of Australian and New Zealand fighters lost their lives by fighting for our country and for their family. The ANZAC biscuit was made by Australian and New Zealand women who baked the biscuit for the soldiers who were in war. The anzac biscuit could be stored for five to six months and they had a long way to travel to get to the soldiers. When I sank my fangs into the biscuit, it was so sweet and delicious, it was like I was eating a  slice of vanilla cake! The biscuit looked like a golden brown colour with bits of oats sticking on the top. It felt bumpy on the top but on the bottom of the biscuit it was smooth like concrete.

Saint Patrick’s 175th Jubilee

 On Friday I was with my Sister walking to room six class, She dropped me and she said ‘‘Bye!,’’ and I went to my class. My teacher ‘’Ms Kyle’’ told us to line up one row when I was about to eat my morning snack.  

 We walked a little rushed and ended up running because we’re always late! While we were at church, two of my friends were blocking the holy water when I was about to say, ‘’Hi,’’ but they were acting like strangers.

 I was in the middle of the line and I knelt down and did the sign of the cross. After doing that I sat at the end of the long chair and it was REALLY LONG. I couldn’t practise because of the interview. I wished my luck and sang with the people. After singing hymns, my priest, Father ’’ Iosefa,’’ did the Homily and the Body of Christ plus the blessing of Jesus.

So after all of the church things we all went outside and two of my friends dug up a big box that was locked but someone opened it. It was old pictures with someone with their classmates. I was wondering what happened but after all of that we went to my class and Ms Kyle said that we could do anything. She also said that we could eat our food, so I ate my food in class including lunch.

When the bell rang, we played football with the big kids and when the bell rang again, I brought my water bottle and hat and sat down. Mrs Bullot put me in a group and we went to Mrs Kyle. My leader gave Ms Kyle the points card. The game was to hit the ball with the bat and run to the first hoop, only for Room one and two.The second hoop was for Room six, seven, and eight.

 I was fourth in line, when it was my turn, I hit the ball and it went to a hole but was not stuck and I got three points. But one of my friends in my team broke the bat by accident, Ms Kyle said for us to use our hand. That was really hard but someone was walking to us and got us a plastic hard bat. The bat we used before the plastic bat was table tennis. Our group names were also Irish about food or a thing in Ireland.

I had a great day, it was the most unique Saint Patrick’s day and one hundred and seventy fifth Jubilee. We also have not had Saint Patrick’s Celebrations in three years! Here are photos of what happened on Friday Mass and Sunday!