Preparing for Athletics Day

One Hour and thirty  minutes ago, Room six and I went for a lesson to practice for  athletics day. When Room six and I were there at the field in our school, there was this coach and we called Him Coach Bart. He said that we will learn some tips for Athletics Day  (November the 18th).

At first we had to run while crouching all the way which was a little hard because we were running. Then we tried running on our toes, and it was pretty easy but when we walked on our heels, it was hard. Coach Bart said we that must  only look straight and run on our toes.

The first game that we played was called ”Sheep dog”, If you were a sheep, you will have to run away from the sheep dog (holding the noodle), and if you got hit by the noodle below the hip, you will have to go anti-clockwise around the box and then you can go back in. If you were a Sheep dog, you had to try and get all the sheep at once. Also if you don’t run all the time, you will get exchanged by a new person.

After that, we had to get into groups of four so I was with Nicole, Olivia and Graziel. We had to go into a line and I was the first one, We had to run, when he said “On your marks, get wet, go.”It doesn’t matter if you are slow, just focus on your goal to run. When all of us in my group had a few runs, and when we reached our goal to the end, we had to go back and go left and back to our group,Now after that we had to try and get the person in front of you, Olivia was trying to get Graziel and Nicole was trying to get me,

When we finished some rounds of running, Coach Bart gave all of  us a Plushy and Room six and I had to go into one straight line. After that we had to make our shoes touch the blue cone, then we had to put the plushy on our head so it could mark our height. Then we had to make our shoes line up with the blue cone standing. After that we had to make our arm be like we were trying to reach something and also we had to go forward to not make ourselves fall over. We also had to try and jump like we were jumping on a motorbike. I fell on my first time but I reached my height, on my second time. I beat my height and I did not fall over. Coach Bart said for us to freeze and get our plushy to where we jumped. When Room six and I put the plushy to where we were, we had to go back to the blue cone and try and jump over my best jump. Well, I tried to jump over my best jump but I almost made it, and sadly I couldn’t beat my best Jump. After  that, Room six and I said goodbye and thanked coach Bart. Coach Bart went over the tips again and thenb we went back to Room six.

When we were back at Room six, we were all exhausted but we had a lot of fun. Even though some of us couldn’t run or couldn’t pass our height and also reached out of breath, we still made the one thing that coach Bart said to my teacher. We had to listen to  coach Bart at ALL times or else  we wouldn’t know what to do and respect him also. For our Recount practice, we started to blog and post the things we remembered from the lesson we had from coach Bart. I wasn’t actually tired but we sat on the mat in Room six and Mrs Agnew helped us get some ideas for this blog I am writing right now.

Making our class movie

Potato people:

We made potato people for our class movie and my potato is a boy. I was thinking of calling him Hayden Wilde, my favourite athlete that was playing in the triathlon in Olympic and Commonwealth games. My teacher: Mrs Agnew gave us a surprise in a box; it was covered so we couldn’t look inside. The secret surprise was actually wrinkly, ugly potatoes. Most people thought that they were disgusting  but really I liked the weird potatoes all squashed inside the box.

I made my potato person with these pipe wires that were all different colours of the rainbow. I used another pipe wire so it could be a kind of attachment for a kebab stick as a lance. I also used the sticks and little black pompoms for eyes. There was a lot to add but unfortunately my potato got wrecked so I had to restart.

When we practiced how to make movies for our class, we had to use ipads because they allow us to make stop motion movies. There are four jobs for people; Director, Camera person, scene manager and editor. We all had turns at each role and we were in groups of maybe 3 or 4 people. It was fun learning all the different jobs needed to make a movie.

Background scenery:

The  background scenery for our movie are: the Evil layer, Rocket, Inside the castle and the party scene. It took a lot  of painting, using material (like cardboard, paper, cello tape, paper rolls  and corrugated  paper) and also doing voice overs.

Movie: The Stolen Princess

It started when the princess was going to be the queen and they also celebrated a party, but the UFO comes in!

It invades the party and steals the crown and the princess. The king gets the rocket and sends the royal

guards to save the princess. When they land on the moon they save the princess and they hold back the

monsters. The princess tries to get the crown but the boss of the monsters swayed it away and since she was going to be queen, the crown slowly moves, like telekinesis (but the princess was not moving it!) When it is near the princess, it swings like a magnet and lands on the newly elected queen. The new queen tells the royal guards that she’s got the crown and so they start to retreat. When they are back in the castle everyone is there and the new queen, old queen and the king went to go back on their thrones.

This is me starting to make my 1st potato:




How to wrap a present


We can wrap a present to give to loved ones when it is Christmas or if its someones birthday,we can wrap a present to anyone you think is good enough.


Wrapping paper that is bigger then the present, a present for someone, cello tape, scissors,  ribbon, a solid surface.

Steps needed:
1. Unroll the paper onto the hard surface.

2. Put the present  in the centre of the  paper.

3. Cut the paper larger than the present.

4. Fold the long sides of the paper on the present.

5. Cello tape where the  joins meet.

6. Fold the short sides off the paper on top of the present.

7. Cello tape were the short sides meet.

8. Poke two holes near each other and put the ribbon through.

9. Make an x and put the right side of the ribbon through the hole of  the x.

10. Make 2 circles on the left and right side of the ribbon part of the ribbon.

11. make an x.

12. Put the right side of the ribbon in the hole of the x  .

13. Last of all pull the left and right side of the ribbon really hard.

14.Really last of all,write who it is from and who is it for in a piece of paper or in a card.


Now, Your present is wrapped and ready and it is ready to be given to your loved ones when it is Christmas or

if it is someones birthday.



Legit or Fake?

Today we were learning about if it is legit or fake.

When we are online it is important to check if we were scammed from hackers that try to steal important stuff from us.

In our story, the moral of the story was to not judge their looks if they look innocent, or dangerous sometimes they

can be the other way around.We looked at the story called good or bad but it was like a red riding hood but some different things.The wolf was actually the good guy and the rabbit, (looked innocent) was the bad guy. So, hope you





Leaves falling slowly animation

we have been making animations on our chrome – books in Google slides. I really liked making this animation

because  I duplicated it , it was my first time using the shapes too. My favourite part is making the animation move and

coloring the shapes as well as putting them in place and making a lot of slides.  My story is about a world having only

and one cloud then another cloud appeared and it is moving to the first cloud after that, a blue sky appears

a leaf falls then nearly all of the leaves fall to the ground.  then the leftover leaves shrunk after that it was the trunk

shrunk then everything disappears.But it was all a dream.

Ki o Rahi

Last Thursday Room six and I had a Ki o Rahi coach come to the classroom. Her name was coach Chelsea, and we watched a video, which was about the legend of Ki o rahi, the Maori game. After that we answered the questions (including me) and after the questions we played some tagging games outside ( it’s not Ki o Rahi yet). 

In the tagging game you have to put your back against your partner’s back. 

The teams were called Taniwha and Kioma. When someone says the team’s name and you’re in the team, you have to run to the end before the other team tags you and if it’s the opposite, you have to tag them before they go to the end. You get a point when you tag your partner. 

The next game is called Octopus (don’t blame me if you know this game) so there is one tagger, and the tagger says what someone is wearing and if you are wearing that, then you have to run to the end without getting tagged. If you get tagged you are a seaweed, and you can’t move but someone running close to you can free you. We didn’t play Ki o Rahi because it was raining sadly but hopefully next week.








Jaeden making my tree hut

Last term, Room six and I made tree huts. I collected: a piece of cardboard paper, plastic, 

Duck tape,  glue and an ice cream lid. There were some things that I used in school too, and they were  wooden mini sticks, polystyrene, a cylinder wooden stick, paper rolls and  plastic strings. It was really fun drawing our designs and then starting to make our tree huts. The  part that I liked was everything!  

We could even paint our tree huts! When it was that week, that was probably the first best week of my entire life! Most of us survived the challenge. The challenge for our tree huts was to survive the weight of four pairs of scissors, the wind and the rain. I was really happy 

I was one of the winners. Most of the people won too!

I used the wooden mini sticks, the plastic and polystyrene for the roof, the cardboard paper and the glad wrap, and duct tape for the walls. I like my tree hut, including everyone’s tree huts too. 

When it was after school I treasured my complete masterpiece, but it kept on moving fifteen degrees over a little bit and falling down so I had to use something to stand it up. There was a roof, three windows, a door, a heavy base, a trunk and floor on the tree hut.





About me


Hello! My name is Jaeden and I am eight years old. I live in Takanini. The school I go to is called Saint Patrick’s School in Panmure, and my culture is Filipino. I have a sister who is older than me and we live with our Mum and Dad.

I am good at Cricket, football, running, writing, maths reading, drawing, helping people, understanding some words and Religious Education.

This year, my challenge is to be a fast and creative writer and be more respectful to people. My goals are to be a kind, caring and a loving person to other people.

 I am looking  forward to being an expert artist plus, drawer and to know my thirteen, fourteen and 15 times tables. 

The person who inspires me is my Mother because she picks us up and our house is a long way away from School. I love saint Patrick’s School because people care for you plus there’s a lot of fun and good learning.