Preparing for Athletics Day

One Hour and thirty  minutes ago, Room six and I went for a lesson to practice for  athletics day. When Room six and I were there at the field in our school, there was this coach and we called Him Coach Bart. He said that we will learn some tips for Athletics Day  (November the 18th).

At first we had to run while crouching all the way which was a little hard because we were running. Then we tried running on our toes, and it was pretty easy but when we walked on our heels, it was hard. Coach Bart said we that must  only look straight and run on our toes.

The first game that we played was called ”Sheep dog”, If you were a sheep, you will have to run away from the sheep dog (holding the noodle), and if you got hit by the noodle below the hip, you will have to go anti-clockwise around the box and then you can go back in. If you were a Sheep dog, you had to try and get all the sheep at once. Also if you don’t run all the time, you will get exchanged by a new person.

After that, we had to get into groups of four so I was with Nicole, Olivia and Graziel. We had to go into a line and I was the first one, We had to run, when he said “On your marks, get wet, go.”It doesn’t matter if you are slow, just focus on your goal to run. When all of us in my group had a few runs, and when we reached our goal to the end, we had to go back and go left and back to our group,Now after that we had to try and get the person in front of you, Olivia was trying to get Graziel and Nicole was trying to get me,

When we finished some rounds of running, Coach Bart gave all of  us a Plushy and Room six and I had to go into one straight line. After that we had to make our shoes touch the blue cone, then we had to put the plushy on our head so it could mark our height. Then we had to make our shoes line up with the blue cone standing. After that we had to make our arm be like we were trying to reach something and also we had to go forward to not make ourselves fall over. We also had to try and jump like we were jumping on a motorbike. I fell on my first time but I reached my height, on my second time. I beat my height and I did not fall over. Coach Bart said for us to freeze and get our plushy to where we jumped. When Room six and I put the plushy to where we were, we had to go back to the blue cone and try and jump over my best jump. Well, I tried to jump over my best jump but I almost made it, and sadly I couldn’t beat my best Jump. After  that, Room six and I said goodbye and thanked coach Bart. Coach Bart went over the tips again and thenb we went back to Room six.

When we were back at Room six, we were all exhausted but we had a lot of fun. Even though some of us couldn’t run or couldn’t pass our height and also reached out of breath, we still made the one thing that coach Bart said to my teacher. We had to listen to  coach Bart at ALL times or else  we wouldn’t know what to do and respect him also. For our Recount practice, we started to blog and post the things we remembered from the lesson we had from coach Bart. I wasn’t actually tired but we sat on the mat in Room six and Mrs Agnew helped us get some ideas for this blog I am writing right now.

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