Month: August 2022

How to wrap a present


We can wrap a present to give to loved ones when it is Christmas or if its someones birthday,we can wrap a present to anyone you think is good enough.


Wrapping paper that is bigger then the present, a present for someone, cello tape, scissors,  ribbon, a solid surface.

Steps needed:
1. Unroll the paper onto the hard surface.

2. Put the present  in the centre of the  paper.

3. Cut the paper larger than the present.

4. Fold the long sides of the paper on the present.

5. Cello tape where the  joins meet.

6. Fold the short sides off the paper on top of the present.

7. Cello tape were the short sides meet.

8. Poke two holes near each other and put the ribbon through.

9. Make an x and put the right side of the ribbon through the hole of  the x.

10. Make 2 circles on the left and right side of the ribbon part of the ribbon.

11. make an x.

12. Put the right side of the ribbon in the hole of the x  .

13. Last of all pull the left and right side of the ribbon really hard.

14.Really last of all,write who it is from and who is it for in a piece of paper or in a card.


Now, Your present is wrapped and ready and it is ready to be given to your loved ones when it is Christmas or

if it is someones birthday.



Legit or Fake?

Today we were learning about if it is legit or fake.

When we are online it is important to check if we were scammed from hackers that try to steal important stuff from us.

In our story, the moral of the story was to not judge their looks if they look innocent, or dangerous sometimes they

can be the other way around.We looked at the story called good or bad but it was like a red riding hood but some different things.The wolf was actually the good guy and the rabbit, (looked innocent) was the bad guy. So, hope you