Ki o Rahi

Last Thursday Room six and I had a Ki o Rahi coach come to the classroom. Her name was coach Chelsea, and we watched a video, which was about the legend of Ki o rahi, the Maori game. After that we answered the questions (including me) and after the questions we played some tagging games outside ( it’s not Ki o Rahi yet). 

In the tagging game you have to put your back against your partner’s back. 

The teams were called Taniwha and Kioma. When someone says the team’s name and you’re in the team, you have to run to the end before the other team tags you and if it’s the opposite, you have to tag them before they go to the end. You get a point when you tag your partner. 

The next game is called Octopus (don’t blame me if you know this game) so there is one tagger, and the tagger says what someone is wearing and if you are wearing that, then you have to run to the end without getting tagged. If you get tagged you are a seaweed, and you can’t move but someone running close to you can free you. We didn’t play Ki o Rahi because it was raining sadly but hopefully next week.








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