Jaeden making my tree hut

Last term, Room six and I made tree huts. I collected: a piece of cardboard paper, plastic, 

Duck tape,  glue and an ice cream lid. There were some things that I used in school too, and they were  wooden mini sticks, polystyrene, a cylinder wooden stick, paper rolls and  plastic strings. It was really fun drawing our designs and then starting to make our tree huts. The  part that I liked was everything!  

We could even paint our tree huts! When it was that week, that was probably the first best week of my entire life! Most of us survived the challenge. The challenge for our tree huts was to survive the weight of four pairs of scissors, the wind and the rain. I was really happy 

I was one of the winners. Most of the people won too!

I used the wooden mini sticks, the plastic and polystyrene for the roof, the cardboard paper and the glad wrap, and duct tape for the walls. I like my tree hut, including everyone’s tree huts too. 

When it was after school I treasured my complete masterpiece, but it kept on moving fifteen degrees over a little bit and falling down so I had to use something to stand it up. There was a roof, three windows, a door, a heavy base, a trunk and floor on the tree hut.





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  1. Hi jaeden That is a very nice tree hut Next time we do this tell me how you made your tree hut because it looks very interesting Also tell me the materials if you comment back so i will see you later bye

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